Bryan McLennan

  • Registered Surveyor in Australia and Papua New Guinea.
  • Public sector senior executive experience in Australia and Papua New Guinea.
  • Over 30 years international experience with multi-discipline teams on large and complex engineering and property development projects.

Providing consulting services in:

  • Surveying, mapping and planning solutions to government and the mining and construction industries throughout Papua New Guinea.
  • Engineering surveying, cadastral surveying, planning and property development in South East Queensland, Australia.
  • Land and property tenure and titling, including freehold, land and building leases, community, strata, volumetric, customary and native titles.

Currently Director of:

  • Asia Pacific Surveys Limited, Papua New Guinea.
  • Goswell Road Pty Ltd, trading as Bryan McLennan Cadastral Surveyor | Development Consultant, Australia.
  • Spatial Information Technology Enterprises Limited, trading as SITE, a consortium of 75 surveying, spatial information and mapping firms promoting industry initiatives to upgrade and utilize spatial information, cadastral and mapping data across Australia

Contact Bryan McLennan

Ph: +61 (0)411 395 421


Unit 46 Winchcombe Carson Woolstore,
54 Vernon Terrace,Teneriffe
Queensland 4005 Australia


Formerly Director of:

  • Survtech Pty Ltd, providing engineering and cadastral surveying services in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Australia.
  • Spatial Data Exchange Pty Ltd, trading as SDX, providing over the web a dimensioned diagram and location plan for every block of land anywhere in Australia and offering a consulting service to local governments to upgrade the accuracy of their digital cadastral databases.
  • ERSIS Australia Pty Ltd, now trading as MapInfo Australia, providing spatial information management systems and spatial data to the public and private sectors in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia, including over 300 local authorities in all Australian ststes.
  • PMM Group, now trading as RPS, one of Australia’s largest surveying and planning firms.
  • LANDMARC Limited, a joint venture between the Queensland Government and the private sector to carry out Australian Aid and World Bank projects in developing countries.